Magic Kaito is a shōnen manga series by Gosho Aoyama, about a thief named Kaitou Kid. Aoyama stopped work on the manga after three volumes due to the fact that he started Detective Conan (Case Closed), which was an instant hit. Chapters of the Magic Kaito mMnga have been released in Shōnen Sunday since then and have only recently been collected into a fourth volume in February 2007.

Plot Edit

Kaito Kuroba, a normal teenage student comes upon the secret about his father's death. He realizes his father was the famous thief Kaitou Kid and was killed by an organization for refusing to steal the Pandora Gem for them. The Pandora Gem is said to shed a tear under the full moonlight, and whomever shall drink it, shall gain immortality. Kaito then decides to search for Pandora to prevent the organization from retrieving it and destroy it by taking up his father's role as Kaitou Kid

Manga Edit

Magic Kaito Volume 1
Magic Kaito Volume 2
Magic Kaito Volume 3
Magic Kaito Volume 4

Anime Edit

Magic Kaito: Kid The Phantom Thief
Magic Kaito 1412